The Guadalcacin lake, located in front of our facilities, is full as never before

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8 de abril de 2013

After a really rainny winter, the whole Cadiz mountain range is full of flowers and green landscapes.

The lake Guadalcacin which provides these wonderful views to the Rural Complex Tajo del Aguila, was never before so full, 98% of its capacity.

The water level has become so high, as you can see in the picture, that it has covered many places which have always been dry.

We are now 30 points above the average during this time of the year.

The advantages of this new are many, but we could highlight the fact that water supply will be guaranteed for at least a couple of years.

Activities such as water sports or fishing will be also more than a pleasure for our visitors. In fact, this time of the year si perfect for coming, visiting and enjoying our facilities, and fully relaxing and recovering both our body and our mind.

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