Tajo del Aguila increases its adventure offer

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1 de mayo de 2013

During this month of May we are pleased to add some extra values in terms of our leisure offer for all our lodged guests and visitors.

We will open our brand new and bigger zip line, which will became one of the largest and most attractive of the province. It will have 100m long and will provide a slope which will go 16 metters down. The start will be near the pool and the arrival in front of our rural hostel, bar, restaurant, terrace.

Moreover our 12 metters sailing boat will be back to offer trips across this huge interior sea, the Guadalcin's Lake. It will have a stop to have a swim and a picnic could be an extra choice to be reserved in advance, for small or medium groups.

Last but not least, we will offer a new service: Zodiac rental for our fishing lovers. This paradise for fishing will be better enjoyed now with this new product.

Prices are to be cheap for now on, in order to allow everyone the enjoyment of all these new services.

We look forward to seeing you here!

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